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The Royals are visiting...

Well, here I am sitting inside having a few beers (Heineken's) staying far away from all the craziness going on outside today with the Royal couple visiting. We live by the airport and there is a lot of activity in the air right now. And police everywhere. Think I'll go close the gate at the driveway...


Arrogant A-hole At-Large
outside your house
I think Pippa is better looking than Kate anyway. But Kate still has an ass worth taking a peak at, if it's convenient.


The Token Canadian
Staff member
Haha! I just walked up the road and watched the plane landing live. Helicopters flying all over, police everywhere, road is loaded with cars and people. Then turned around and came home. Having another beer now.

Lol....You better get back in the house ,before it becomes a royal mess!...:rolling laugh: