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The Arkansas mini-meet!

Hey Brian, do you know where you'll be tomorrow? ...Maybe you'll come out and hang with me and my friend Becky? :)

She's really sweet and funny. She's kind of loud sometimes but she can't help it.


Will Robinson!
AHEM... from the biggest thread hijacker of all... maybe I can move this to it's OWN destination? LOL.... just kiddin' guys.
Glad to help. I knew you guys weren't TRYING to steal the thread, it just happens that way sometimes.


Charter Member
Brian, I so envy you right now!! Meetin' two chicks and one with a camera!! You dog!!

Every man envy's Brian right now.

Let's review the facts.

2 hot chicks
Willing to drive and take out for a meal
Bringing own camera
WANTS to take pictures
willing to leave when you are all done with "Meal"

am I missing anything from the "mans wish list"?
Not to mention if things get too intense he can turn off his implant and enjoy the silence!


Kansas Chapter member
I know Brian and I can't, but wouldn't it help if they were buying the beer too? :)

She Devil

Trucks are for GIRLS!
A house...
If any of you ever get the chance to meet Brian you should. I enjoyed hanging with him for the day! :)

Got some pics too but don't want to post them without him seeing them first and giving permission.

She Devil

Trucks are for GIRLS!
A house...
This could be interesting...
Yes and No. :D Yeah in a way because we all discussed what we used to drink and Brian told a pretty funny story about what he and some people once did to someone else. LOL! Becky bought herself some stuff because she wanted to have a few drinks while she watches Mon. night football. Our drinks together at lunch were non alcoholic. Heh!

She Devil

Trucks are for GIRLS!
A house...
Tom, thanks for moving the other thread and sorry!

I just need to d/l msn again to this new computer and we can use it next time we want to 'chat'. I just haven't done anything with this new one yet and it's got nothing on it.

wow... a gal who likes to get liquored up before watching football... I should have been so lucky!

She Devil

Trucks are for GIRLS!
A house...
She is like the biggest football fan I know. I think she'll be good and liquored up tonight too. She was already starting when I left. LOL

I might have joined her but alas I am one of those girls that doesn't like most sports. Playing them I can get into but watching most games bores me. *Ducks* LOL!
Truth of the matter is, I'm one of the worst when it comes to following sports. I never watch, and only know what I read or am told, so as you may have noticed, I don't get into the discussions about who's best,fastest,etc... I don't consider them BAD, I just don't have the attention span for them, I guess.
I am not now, nor have I ever been a big football fan. Now...I can't watch the game and read the captions at the same time. I lose track of who actually did what they were saying at the bottom.

I used to watch racing of all sorts, but now I have the same issue. By the time I read who is doing what...he (or she) had already done it and moved on to something else.

Anyway, it was a fun day. We had lunch at a place I had never been. We sat outside and talked for a long time while we ate. Then one of us had to go to the "package store" to prepare for the evenings festivities. :beer:

We were going to go down to the lake afterward. One of the docks had ducks and a zillion carp under it. Instead we went to see the birds at a local resort. There are quite a few. I don't think either one of them knew about the birds. Now they do!

Nerak (that sound odd) has pics. She will probably post them soon.

Now...I will pack up and head home from work. LOL I need a nap. :redface:

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