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taking a long trip with my 92 F 250

getting my stock OEM ready for a long trip towing my mustang

I have a 1992F 250 super cab 5.8 motor with 355 posi rear end. truck was bought with 64,000 miles, and I currently have 73,000 miles on it. It’s been extremely reliable driving up to three 3 1/2 hours from the West Coast to Florida to Miami and then back. I have replaced the main belt, plan to flush the radiator put in new hoses and upgrade the fuel injectors. I’ve also added a larger tranny cooler and piggyback it to the stock OEM cooler.

What I am planning to do with this truck is to add a transmission gauge for temperature, oil pressure gauge, and engine temperature gauge. I also will add some additional driving lights for better seeing at night. The load I’ll be hauling here is a car trailer with a 3800 pound car on it. The trailer itself should weigh about 1900 pounds empty but will have trailer brakes on it. I’ll also be adding a Killswitch discreetly somewhere within the truck based on how easy the truck is to steal. Is there anything that I’m leaving out that I can do that will make my trip to Missouri and back to Florida without any drama.


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Gauges are definitely a good add. I would recommend a voltage gauge as well. That trailer should be a breeze to haul, hardly any weight to it. I have hauled cars with my 88 without much effort. Bigger hills and grades are noticeable, but not insurmountable.

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