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Steering gearbox replacement DONE! Photos


California Chapter member
Well, I must say that other than the physical strength required to do this and the absolute MESS!!!! this was MUCH easier than the heater core replacement from the other thread. The tow most difficult challenges were 1. Pulling the pitman arm off. Advice: DON'T buy a cheap puller. I broke 2 of them!!! and 2. Just pulling it out! It weighs 42 pounds. Lastly; a question. When I finished I found the sometime during the installation I turned the steering wheel so that now the horn bar is not horizontal. Is there a way, without pulling the steering wheel, to adjust this?

Thanks to all of you again for your encouragement during this project. Next is detailing Burt's engine and undercarriage/frame again with Simple Green to ENSURE there are no more leaks, like from the pump for instance! Next project is the rear main seal, but it is such a small leak I'm not going to rush it!

Cheers! smilieFordlogo


Licensed to Represent!
Dang.....lots of work.....checked out both the steering box and ac pics....pretty will all be worth the wait and work IMO! Is Burt on the road now?


California Chapter member
Burt will be on the road after I detail the engine, etc. I spilled quite a bit of fluids all over him during these projects and I don't want any more blowing all over him while driving. But he IS ready to be back on the road and go back in the garage in the city house once I finish the detail next weekend..