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Starting an 51 F1 project

Hey guys new to this forum and not very tech savvy lol... I live in Australia or down under for all my yank peoples out there so bear in mind for future post. so I've purchased a 1951 F1 i have a very healthy 460BB C6 combo for the old girl, and plan to graft a jaguar XJ12 series 3 front end and some for of 4 bar rear. so any one out there who has one like this or done it before and any hints or tips and places to buy bits please post. i will be keeping it left hand drive too...

cheers Ozilad
Welcome to the forum, Mate! (That's about as much Oz slang as I know:) ) You're going to have great fun with your truck. The 460 fits real tight in the engine compartment of a '51, so get out your biggest shoe horn.

You may not be aware, but there are two different positions where the radiator can fit, depending on if the truck was original with the inline 6 engine or the flathead V8. The forward 6 cylinder position will gain you a couple extra inches for fan clearance, and you're going to need it.

There's a lot of guys here that have done the Jag front end swap and it's a really good fit in the 48-52 trucks. Getting the steering box out of the way will help fit the 460 exhaust. You may consider relocating the brake master cylinder to the firewall with hanging pedals, too, for even more room underneath.

Keep us posted on your progress. Pics are good, too. We'll always be here to help or run ideas by. Looking forward to it!
Cheers Wayne, great slang cobber lol.

Great info its got an 8ba original V8 in it at the moment which i'm going to sell. Was looking at the brake booster clearance the other day and noticed it was going to be tight. Was hoping to leave it there but sounds like i might have to do the firewall trick. I've used jag front ends in many of previous projects. They are tops except never on a left hand drive vehicle.

Will definitely keep you updated with progress and pics.


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welcome to the forum & congratulations on your purchase,i am glad to see another 51 f1 being saved some of the guys have used the jag ifs with a 5.0 & aod & they are an easy fit good luck on your build


The Token Canadian
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