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something for a drill to get in small places?

No...I don't want a show truck or anything. LOL

My 56 has quite a few pieces of very old chrome under the hood. It is nasty down in the crevices and places where my fat fingers just cannot get to.

The valve covers, water pump, water pump pulley, fan, and the thermostat housing were all chrome at one time.

First I would need to remove the rust (naval jelly works great!) and then apply some sort of chrome polish and/or protectant of some sort.

Is there anything small (and not real expensive) that would fit in my Dewalt 12V drill that would work in this situation?

I see large things advertised on TV all the time (even Chip Foose peddles one) for wheels and things, but I don't recall a small one.

That is all I can think of that might let me clean/polish down in there. [confused]

I am completely open to other ideas (as long as they are not high dollar ideas ;) ).



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central Vermont got a Harbor Freight or similar type store around? Seems like I've seen the sort of thing you're taking about in them, but I'm not sure.

Maybe Dremel accessories, too.
The HF store I get stuff at is in Springfield, MO. That is about 2 hours away from here. :(

I live in a town of 10,000, but still nothing here.

Hmm...I forgot I have a dremel in storage. That would work, but take forever. LOL I might give it a try, if I can't find something else to go in the drill.

Black150...that would work for a lot of it just fine. The larger ones of those are the ones Chip Foose is hocking in the commercials (not captioned). Any idea how much they cost?

I have not had time to even try the dremel when it was not raining or I was not on the road. LOL


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We have those at Autozone as well, was thinking they were a shade less than that. I can scope it out for you tomorrow at work if you want. The size is about 1.5" across...
I was thinking about going to the kitchen area of a department store and getting one of those bristle brush things on the twisted wire with the wooden handle for cleaning out bottles. I thought of cutting off the wooden handle and putting the twisted wire end into my cordless drill to clean the small little areas on my wheels...


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Casey, that would work very well for breaking up debris out of small spaces. Never thought to put one on drill, always used the hands. Good thinkin!

But i think Brian is looking for more of a polisher type deal.
Well, to redeem myself since I overlooked the polishing part...but what about using a shotgun cleaning swab like this one:

...using just one of the extensions it can be put into a drill and used to polish the tight small places. The only thing to watch out for is using either the forward or reverse direction of the drill so the swab attachment does not come unscrewed.
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I actually picked up one of the smaller power balls. I have not used it yet (been staying inside-was not feeling well).

I looked at wally-world for the gun cleaning things. All they had was a full kit. No gun shops around that I am aware of. I will keep looking.

About all I have done is hosed it off under the hood lately. No cleaning. The underside of the hood was covered in dead bugs. No clue how they get in there, but the engine looks better at least.




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Have you ever heard of Zoopseal? I think its called they say once you shine your metals it will keep the shine for up to a year..

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