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Tonto Papadapolous
Neat video. The son's father-in-law just rolled his explorer 2 1/2 times, and came out with a broken finger. Food for thought!


Nov.TOTM 2012 / 2012 TOTY
I saw this video on the TV...take it from ol Buzz,the forces of an impact are no joke man...I was very lucky escaping serious injuries in my 2 serious accidents long seemed like those few seconds,turned into minutes....My Father was not so lucky in his single car incident...Buckle up!!


The Token Canadian
Staff member
Did any of you guys have the fire dept come by your schools with the "seat belt simulator"? was a little sled on a trailer (on an angle) that would come to a dead stop at 5 and 7 was a real wake up call!


Hitech hillbilly
Staff member
I did the simulator it was a big jolt.
Also broke a windshield with my face and caved in a windshield pillar with the side of my head. Got a skull fracture from that one.
I now wear a seatbelt.