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Searching for mechanic in NC

Hi everyone,

I have a 1970 F-250. Good bones, but many problems. I've had a hard time finding someone to work on it. Usually when I take it somewhere, they have it in the shop for weeks if not months, fix one thing, return it to me, and then it breaks down a week later with something else wrong.

I'd like to find someone who'll take it and go over it, fixing everything that needs fixed in order for it to become a reliable vehicle again.

I'm located between the Triangle & Triad, so if anyone has suggestions on a mechanic nearby that might be interested in working on such a beast, I'd appreciate it.



Staff member
Welcome to FTF from WNC.

A 1970 is pretty much a plain Jane truck, they are about as basic as they come. A Chilton's or Haynes manual will prolly help you work through the majority of your problems and if you get stumped start a build thread for your truck. Many knowledgeable people here

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Welcome to FTF.

I agree with Doc. These trucks are basic. Basic tools, a book, and the google will get you a long way. And there`s no such thing as a stupid question.

And I`m from Michigan, so no recommendation on a NC mechanic. Sorry.