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S&J Engine going into the 92 F-150 "Red IX"


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Hi all-

So, I've been running my farm and airbnb, buiilding and jackhammering a hole in the ground for a utility pole and all kinds of things that don't relate to the Title.

Two things, and I'll need to start posting pictures. In this thread we're going to take the engine out of the 1992 F-150 and put a brand new reman'd S&J 300-6 100K mile 7 year warranty engine into the damn thing.

It's been four years of me messing with this and it's always been the engine (and the ground to battery and engine to same frame) and it finally has beaten us. It wouldn't seal when the new oil pan went on with the high volume pump installed and decided it'd do one better and blow the head gasket along with every oil leak.

My top gear speed is 44 mph unless I find a hill and depending on the direction the speed will go up or down. I get a good 60 miles to the gallon though, but that is oil. I'm getting about 4-6 mpg as far as gas goes and I can't tell if it's just the engine or if the fuel pumps are finally on their last leg and will need to be replaced too because they're about 3-4 gallons off now when they read E (new symptom).

So, I'll document as we pull the engine out and put the new one in. Already boiled and stripped a serpentine and blew the lower radiator hose once due to the amount of oil I've donated across the roads and parking lots of northern NY. The engine bay always smells like a really bad deep fry grill. You know, the place you don't want cooking your bacon and steaks.

The OTHER news for the Gen 7 forum is the 1983 F-700 is "safe" to drive after its April 2019 ferrying from Florida to here AND was registered successfully last night. I'll start taking pictures of the after-work. We have a few things left to do to call her "done," but it has had a complete carb tuneup, the leaks are gone, fixed a sending unit so it now sends gas (factory gauge still not reading on that tank, have a wiring diagram coming from ebay to help us chase it, but at least it works as a gas tank delivering gas to the engine), replaced all the dash lights with 194 18whatever leds (where applicable), wired LEDs on formation position markers for the dump bed lighting that was out, replaced dimmer switch, blower motor replaced, fixed up some wiring here and there and got EVERY light working finally. Replaced master brake cylinder and two leaks or kinks in the lines and a leak in the power steering lines. Oh and repaired the driver side window regulator (replaced) so now it works like a champ and confirmed the old factory speakers do vibrate, just need a radio antenna. :)

Things left on the F-700: Safety strut for dump bed raised into maintenance position (welded on by mechanic), brake lever assembly replacement (it will not hold itself in place, anyone got one I need one to get the parking brake to work proper), radio antenna install (and later replace factory with retro blue tooth stereo $200ish), and repair/install new brake controller and 7-prong centered behind a new 2" hitch getting welded onto the back of the F-700.

I'll have to take some pics of that back end -- maybe you guys will be familiar with its tow setup, but there are solenoids and three connections back there that are unknown to me and my 20+ year older mechanic is also unfamiliar with since this is a commercial truck. Will add those in the Gen 7 forum. Truck is looking good. I'll take suggestions on the cab problem areas (roof cab pillars have penetrations and will eventually destroy cab that's in good condition!).

Hope all is well. Saw Dusty's engine rebuild. That looks fun -- but apparently salvageable. I ran my spare 300-6 over to the machine shop and it lacked compression in 3+ cylinders. Decided it was not worth the rebuild and to get the S&J Engine instead with a warranty -- got a LOT of scrap metal available at the end of this. Don't know if anything is worth keeping, but apparently my old crank shaft is actually in great condition and just needs a polishing if anyone needs one. The rest of both engines I'm gonna say are likely toast and warped, going to scrap.
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