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Roll in Bedliners


Tulsa, Ok
Anybody ever done one?

Got a preference?

Took the dirtbike out today for the first time since i removed my camper shell and the the drop in sucks.

As soon as the back tire started going down the ramp the front wheel just slid down the bed.

Other than that they are notorious for trapping water.

Line x and other spray in places are asking like 700 bucks and im not doing that.


Hitech hillbilly
Staff member
I did one in herculiner it was "thin" not thick like the spray in stuff. Wouldn't do it again not enough protection is my take on it.
Worked great on the floor boards and on the lower rockers.


Rooster Snorkler
It's more like thick textured paint from my experience


The Token Canadian
Staff member


don't play well w others
Did one in my 86, it didn't hold up very well.
It works great like Randy said, but the spray on stuff is way thicker, and holds up better.

Worth the $700
Only thing I did on my 94, I took the bed bolts out while they did it, then put them back in.