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Rims for a 71 F250 Camper Special?

I have the stock 16" rims on my 71 F250 Camper Special but am looking to change the look up a bit. Looking for some old-school mags or perhaps an "Alcoa" look. I found these (attached) on Craigslist. The ad says they have 265/70/17 and are 8X170. Does anybody know if they would fit? What specs am I looking for when shopping rims for my truck?

Thanks for the help !


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I think at 8x170 those would be super duty wheels... All the 1998/9 and older (pre super duty) trucks used an 8x6.5 (8x165mm) bolt circle.

So no, unfortunately I don't think those will work for your application

It can be hard to find 8x6.5 in 17" if that's what you're looking for. Chevy used them until 2010 but their center hub hole is too small for ford/dodge axles


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