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Rewiring loom to ignition coil is the way with old vehicles, a simple job turned into a bigger one. Did a tune-up on the ol '78 460 for the first time in 10 yrs. Among other things, replaced the old original ignition coil. The original connector cap for it was super loose and cause the truck to stall going over bumps or around turns. Got a new connector cap for it and went to splice it in and found all the original wiring going back to the firewall was pretty much done. Insulation just brittle as hell or completely missing. Didn't like the looks of the fire hazard looming under the hood.

I've decided to just re-wire the whole loom running to the ignition coil. The wiring near the firewall connectors is in pretty good shape so I think I can splice in good wiring and run it forward from there. I'm decent with the soldering gun and have high standards when it comes to wiring insulation so it's something I'm sure I can do... With that said, I'm not an electrician and haven't really messed with the wiring on this truck much.

I'm just curious if anyone has been down a similar road, and if so, any tips you might have. For instance, what gauge wiring you'd suggest.
Also, if this section of wiring is available for replacement pre-assembled, by all means I'd be interested in possibly going that route if the price is reasonable. Wasn't able to find anything with a cursory google search though.

Thanks in advance for your help.



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Wiring and heat don't play nice. Best I have found is a total rewire kit.
Just an update on this in case anyone else needs the info. I've been compiling the equipment needed for the job. I decided not to solder the wiring in but completely redo the harness including the plugs on both ends (since the plug coming off the distributor partially crumbled when I disconnected it, and the plug by the firewall has a wire partially exposed from the back end). I'll be using Deutsch style connectors and plugs. Was going to use 12 gauge wire but strangely it's too thick for the "12 gauge connector pins" that I ordered, so I'm waiting on some 14 gauge to come in this weekend. Should be ok since it looks like the oem wiring is 14 anyway. Also got some tubular heat shield designed for hoses I'm going to run the new loom through.
Finished the re-wire today and fired her up again with no problems! No meltdowns in the system and no stalls anymore when driving around normally. Idles smoother now, and I notice the volt gauge is reading a healthier and more consistent 13.8ish than it was prior. Pics of some of the work attached. I have to say it's my first time playing w a Deutsch style connector system and it made the whole thing easy with clean results.

With all of that said, the main problem, and the reason I did the tune-up in the first place (aside from being overdue) is still there. Ol girl is losing power when driving uphill over the local mountain road we have here. Will start a new thread on that in hopes of some pointers from you guys.



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