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removing the doors from my 1952 .tr.

SO The grand Son came down today to help me remove the doors from my 1952 TR.
i'D BOUGHT A new hand impact some guys call them the Motor Cycle hand impact.
So the doors have no.3 or maybe no4 phillips screws holding the doors on.
Well we whipped that Hand Impact & nothing . Not one screw moved .
& I PUT A LITTLE Penetrating juice on the screws from their back side . But nothing helped .
SO How have you guys gotten these screws out of the doors.
So Have any of you taken a Hot wrench & Heated the heads of these screws.
.. My Truck will be more of a Rat Rod than a Show truck so a colored head on a screw won't hurt much.
I just don't want a fire or ruin a screw head.
......... SO How would you get the screws loose.


Staff member
If you do warm it up, don't do it to the head, you need to warm the thread area. If you warm the bolt itself, you will soften it and then won't be strong enough to turn it.
I was afraid that's the advice I'd get but The threads are inside & up under the dash. No telling what you could catch fire from The inside under the dash.
.... SHOULD I get my Buddy, who's the best welder I've ever seen. To come weld a nut onto the head of each screw. That would heat the Screws & Then they'd most likely unscrew .
& Then just replace the screws with new ones.


Staff member
You could try heating the area around the head, but let it cool. Counterintuitive, but prehaps it has gotten stuch at the taper.The heat and cool will help and perhaps soak the heck out of it with a good penetrating oil, not WD-40, something like freeze off or pb blaster.

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