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Pulled my first car with the new engine!!!

Pulled my wife's Honda with my truck yesterday and it ran surprisingly well considering I have not gotten my custom tune yet!! Taking off I realize that the 3.55 gears will eventually have to go for something around 4 or 4.10 if I want to pull anything that heavy or heavier in the future. She wrecked her car Friday we had freezing rain hit us and going to classes she gotvon some ice and meet a flat bed truck. lucky she wasn't hurt but the hood and driver fender are toast so we have decided to fix the car and looking at the small rust on the rear of the car over the wheels we are planning on having the whole car painted
Yes it was good that she want hurt I hope that the time and cost of getting the radiator support replaced doesn't exceed the value of the car I'm going to do as much as I can my self then find a good body shop to paint it. It a 93 civic dx 4 dr but it was in really great shape before the wreck and its her first car too so she wants to keep it!
It doesn't look to hard I just have enough time and my wife wants it done ASAP and we need two cars. She might have to use my truck three days she needs a vehicle. I might have to charge the battery up on my crown Vic and get it out for a few weeks. it has a vacuum leak under the egr plate it has the two barrel injection or cfi. I need to take the plate off and mill it then reseal it.
It pulled to the shop I work at so tools are no problem it's the spot welds that concern me I have welded before but I'm no pro by any means I know a guy I go to church with that does body work I am going to give him a call and let him look at before I get started. I'm getting a new hood, fender, headlight, power steering reservoir, and washer bottle, and of course the radiator support. Then fix the rust and paint
My wife gave me the go ahead to get a programmer and custom tunes!!! Ya I just need to figure out when I will get it. Probably get it after her car is done she had enough saved back to pay for the repairs on her car. So.... I will soon be calling and getting an xcal 3 and custom tunes!!! Maybe even get the widows tented for my b-day this year. There is still some work left to do to the truck but time money and hard work I will get it there!!!
I dropped my wife's car off to they guy I go to church with and it's being fixed now we decided to repaint the whole car and fix the rust. I am ordering new side trim for it too. It will be like a new car when it's done. Then I'm ordering a programmer for the truck and I also need to take it in to the dealer for the gas tank strap recall because I noticed today that the rear strap is rusted and broke the tank is laying on the rock shield. I had noticed a lot of noise going over bumps in the back and it started about a month ago. I checked all the springs and bushings and i couldn't see anything that would make noise but I was not looking for a loose gas tank etheir.