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OK New Guy here Pa Pitt

OK Guys I expect I'll be in the section of the forum most of my time.
But I have several different Fords so I'll be asking question in 3 different places I sure ..
... But i'm wanting to start a new project ... I've got a 1951 Ford F3 Ford FlatBed ... Since I'm a farmer I run lots of Diesels .. I really hate to call this one a RAT ROD but That's most likely it's best description . I Have the very 1st D250 SOLD at the Lampasas Tex. back in 1988 really ... But they were called 89's . but anyways the old German Farmer never missed a rock or a tree or a fence post with this truck. But I bought it from his Boys .. Now it was used to go to the pasture each day . & it only has 189k miles on it. . But i'm going to pull the totaled out body of this old D250 & replace it with the F3 CAB & Front fenders & I'm going ti use the Org FORD Flatbed .. Seems they were called Stake Pockets ....
At 73 year of age I hope I still have one more project in my old bones . But the problem . I also have a 1958 800 Ford tractor that I've finally found a Parts tractor to Kob the motor from & put into my 800.gas tractor. & I've also got another little IH 404 gas tractor that's about 1/2 put together . But it's been put on the back burner.
& I've got a 1980 Ford Bronco IT'S got a gas 300cid in it but it's done far ... SO I've found a 1995 F100 300 CID EFI. It too was from a manual trans truck ... I've got the motor & the Computer from the Std truck & I've got what I believe is the complete motor wiring harness .. Now this old 80 Bronco has been on the farm since 1986 & this too is very rough .. It's what all the boys & grand sons have learned to drive in... & now we have some Great Grand Sons just being big enough to began to think of cruising the farm chasing wild pigs & learning to deer hunt & then get to learn to dive the 4speed stick in the 80 BB Bronco ..
BB for it stands for Bronco Billy.
.... & I've got a Ford motorhome with a 460 & C6 in it 1986 It only has 86K on it ... I'M ON THE SEARCH FOR a 1986ish F100 short narrow bed Tr.
I've found 2 but neither want to let go ... & i'M KIND OF LIKE THAT'S OK I really don't need another project I believe the Hunt is most of the fun.
OH OH I've forgot to tell about my PRIDE & JOY . I've also got my 1972 Ford Bronco Half Cab . IT' to has a 4BT CUMMINS IN IT... IT'S been running for about 15 years . I Could never keep my gas 302 from over heating on the farm so I gave up & swapped in the little 4BT INTO IT. It got about 2 inches of lift. & I've swapped in a NP435 4SPEED trans & 3:55 gears front & rear & some kinds of lockers in both ends. This one has a Plastic Camo Skin on it Mossy OAK PATTERN .. & SEATS HAVE SAME CAMO Pattern on cloth seats were covered in but they've faded out bad. & need to covered again . I have more of the cloth I used before but I just hate to spend the money.
....... OK YOU'VE MET THIS OLD FART... Pa Pitt... I'LL most likely be a couple of months getting started as I'm trying to finish up the little woman's pretty fence project. I'd only put it off for 2 years.
........ Thank Guys ........

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