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Ok heres my plan for ol silver


Tulsa, Ok
although im getting a new truck, heres my plans, im starting on it now. slowly but surely.

Find a 4 bolt main 302 or 351. Build a mild performance engine, pump gas perferbly 85-87 octane.

Throw a zf 5 speed behind that.

Restore the interior, Remove rear bench seat, find a racing seat and throw that in, or another ford OEM bucket. Maybe stretch the cab to fit. Remove current center cosole. make a custom one out of fiberglass. Speakers, and dry storage in the back.

Since the front clip, minus, grill headlights, and hood. are damaged, rusting away.

IM gonna opt for a race weight usbody tilt clip. for mud racing. All you haft to do is ad head lights/lights in front. The grill is modled as is light buckets.

not sure if im going to make it a til front end, or cut the hood out and make it removalable with hood pins (4).

Now on to the major. IM gonna strip it down to the frame. remove uneccasery. bs. swap in a 60 in the rear. , prolly a 60 in the front, yea thats right, im gonna convert it to a 4wd. not sure if im gonna make it custom to go in, or hack off the front of the frame and swap in a 4wd one.

im prolly wont lif tit much, prolly 3 inch. i want make it 4wd due tot he conditions i live in. I want to make it my tow/toy rig.

Powder coat the frame.

put new bed panels on, or a new bed all together.

Paint it back to silver (i like silver)

so far, ive started on interior. Bought to have my buckets reuphostered and repaired (armrest fell off, the other is stuck up). Goin to remove the rear seat take some measurements, for a speaker box, and a 3rd seat.

Did a little stereo work, got some new xplod 6 1/2s in the front. went to put that backs in relised that i could make the 6x9s fit, dammit. gotta go exchange those. I dropped a new JVC deck in it, with ipod interface. The works.

For now, im going to do the lighter end of stuff, but in june ill start the major stuff.

what yall think?

And yes chris, im giong to go get myself a zf junker truck and do some swapping here soon, and ill take pics and crap for ya.