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Oil Change número dos on 5.0 Flareside


La Vergne, TN
Valvoline 5W-30 Synpower... and motorcraft FL-1A filter.

think it's gonna be a good combo and will probably quiet down the entire valve train.. Typical roller rocker noise.

plus i work for valvoline so I've researched the stuff now through my classes for work..

bought it all at o'reilly's... 37.24 was my total after tax...



Nov.TOTM 2012 / 2012 TOTY
Congrats on landing the Job Chris !! :) You should be fine with valvoline products...Ashland oil has done a great deal of R&D, Testing before they released the synthetic line of oils....In my service station days, we leased the building from Ashland oil, back then the Valvoline "All Climate" was the number 1 seller. The Synthetics were in the development stage..One day a few Ashland corporation administrators along with the district manager came to the station took my boss in the office for a meeting...After about 45 min they left and my boss seemed up set a bit,when i asked him what was wrong,His reply was.."We have to give up the center bay" Why i asked..His reply "their coming in next week to remove the lift platform for a drive on platform thus we have to keep the bay open for customers who want oil changes done while waiting....Wala we were the first Valvoline Instant oil change center in our area.....:)
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The Token Canadian
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Cool Chris..I used Valvolene for years and was always happy with it.

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