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Note to FTF members Re: Emissions Diagrams

I have now uploaded a great selection of emissions from 1973-1980 to my FTF gallery
I can't possibly have every single one in there as it would eat up valuable FTF resources.
The calibration numbers are what denote which routing of the hoses you have on your application.
Calibration codes are found on your engine Identification sticker. If you don't see yours listed in the gallery contact me directly

Tune-up specs are available for 77/78'/79's only.
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Thank you!
Thank, I never even noticed.

Blame ..............................

People on the other site are wanting this stuff but I have told others that still reside over there that I will no longer provide information over there.That's I deleted my photobucket files.

I told people to tell other I will no longer give my resource over there because of their betrayal and lack of recognition of what I did by *** admininistration.

They have to come to and ask on FTF to receive this info now.

It's a simple concept that people need to understand. They screwed the users because they don't care about them.
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Post Whores Make Me Sick
I also changed the links to all my photos and locked my photobucket account after the admins browsed my account and downloaded my photos to their private account and REhosted them...
Well it is password protected now.

But if I reload them with the same file name they will appear on there.
so I have to rename 500-600 files now.


Post Whores Make Me Sick
I just changed the name of my master directory that held all the files, which changes the URLs to ALL the photos inside ;)
Now why didn't I think of that ? Doh !


We will Rise Again
Your info not being provided to "those that we don't speak of", will definitely hurt. And it can only help us. It will be a nice recruiting tool for this site.

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