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Night at the drive-in!!


Took the 98 out to the drive-in theater tonight having a blast so far!!!
Front screen was The Wolverine and The heat witch we did but watch we had out 6 year old niece with us. We watched Turbo and Despicable Me 2 both good movies


Licensed to Represent!
Drive ins are fun....we still have a couple working in Maine, but they're hanging on by a thread.....not sure they'll be around here shortly.
It was fun but I'm feeling it this morning we should have only stayed for one movie it was 1 am when I got into bed. Hopefully the drive-in will stay for a long time they seamed to be busy even for a Sunday night. I would hate to see it close.
The drive in by us down in Stroudsburg had a sold out sign on the bill board two weekends ago. Forget witch movie it was. Last drive in I went to was in my 97. Been a long time. A bunch of pillows, large heavy blanket, backed in to a spot. Good times.