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I believe any Dana 60 rear in a 3/4 or 1 ton Ford up to 1972 will fit that truck, still provide 8 lugs, and be stout enough for any trailer.

From my experience, towing a trailer is better with a longer wheelbase, and the F2/3 is about 8 inches longer than the F1. Body/bed is longer still, with the longer rear overhang.

The frame size is the same between F1/2/3, and the bigger frame size is the same F4/5/6. Pulling with either doesn't create too much stress on them, but the weight put on from above will. So the F2/3 should be fine.

I've had plans to use an F4 for a 5th wheel hauler, 134" WB. But I had planned on using it to plow snow, too. I'm still looking for one.
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cheers. Although i like the look of the f1's (swb) I think really it has to be an f2. not many about it seems. especially as it has to be pre 1950.
The frame size is the same between F1/2/3....

Not exactly. Besides length, 122" vs 114", which I know Havi wasn't suggesting as being the same, wall thickness and "C" channel depth are slightly greater on F-2/3s than on the F-1s. F-2/3 is 6.0" x 2.25" x 0.19" while the F-1 is 5.92" x 2.25" x 0.15". Other aspects are shared such as front axle, front springs, and steering components. Rear springs are wider at 2.25" vs 2.00" on the F-1. Spring lengths are the same on all three models, 36" at the front and 45" at the rear. The F-1 rear springs are each 10 leaves and each pack is rated at 1350 lbs. The stock F-2 rear springs have 12 leaves rated at 1950 lbs each. The stock F-3 has 13 rear leaves with each set rated at 2400 lbs. The stock F-2 and F-3 packages were optional on the other model. Rear shock absorbers were standard on the F-2 but were a seldom found option on the F-3. Stu
Wow cheers. Well i'm on the hunt now. Nothing available over here at the moment. I found a guy over here and I had the springs remade for the airsteam. They were really bad so i had them remade with two extra leaves. Only because i wasn't sure at the time what the internal weights were going to be and I had to add 18' of extra steel to the chassis to reinforce it. I would probably have upgraded ones made again on the truck.
Best of luck with your search. As I was reading through the thread, I was thinking everything that Havi posted. For towing, I like a heavier truck and the F2/3 would be my choice. Better suited suspension and longer wheelbase will make life much easier, imho. I may be late to the conversation, but I hope I'm still helpful.

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