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New project superduty

I've always had a lusting for a full size diesel pickup and a few months back a mate spotted a 02 superduty on a salvage auction website , i logged on and carefully waited for the auction to start and was prepared to bid up to 10k .... i couldn't believe my luck when i was the last bidder at $3650.00. Pretty likely no one else was really keen as it was on the west coast in a remote location , luckily i had another mate who lived pretty close so Kelvin went to go and have a look at what i'd brought and got it started so i would be able to load it up on a truck - borrowed another mates truck and my youngest son and i took off on a 13 hour round trip to collect the old girl. I was really lucky that another mate of mine knew a guy who'd brought one for spare parts so after a bit of arm twisting (parts trucks are like rocking horse poo here) and a liberal application of cash i managed to collect most of everything i needed.So far i've replaced the left front guard , bumper , both left doors , replaced upper and lower ball joints , new ac condensor , new intercooler , new radiator , another grille and replaced springs as the left side one was bent. The frame was out by 80mm so i have had that straightened and next is a wheel alignment .... once that is done the certifying engineer will (hopefully) grant me the LT400 form which says it's safe to be on the road after the repairs and then it's off for a cof inspection and new registration , road user tax and back on the road ...... covid lockdowns have meant that it's taken a lot longer than it was supposed to but there we are!!!

I'll dig out some more pics and interior shots as this one is factory rhd from Brazil ... it is a one owner truck @ 280000km with banks powerchip and banks 5 inch exhaust system with the owner who is now 82 i've spoken to him a couple of times and he's holding onto the service records since it was new plus some spare parts for me to collect when i've got it done , he's a bloody hard case old fella who dropped it through some small trees and over a bank onto railway lines right outside the Australasian Hotel in Greymouth but luckily he never hurt himself. Funnily enough even though the police looked at the truck , they blamed the accident on a "medical event" rathe than the extremely loose draglink connection between the steering box and the rhd drive idler.

62423491O (1).jpeg


IMG_20210508_101916 (1).jpg


Tonto Papadapolous
Glad you found one. Quite a project. On an unrelated note, explain the right of way sign on the bridge. Does that mean the traffic coming from the opposite direction has the right of way?
Glad you found one. Quite a project. On an unrelated note, explain the right of way sign on the bridge. Does that mean the traffic coming from the opposite direction has the right of way?
Yes it does Doug ....... most of these one way bridges have been replaced on State Highway one but in the regions there's still plenty of them and even bridges where trains and cars share the road.

These trucks are climbing rapidly in value - when it's finished it'll be worth somewhere between 35 - 45 k , not that i intend to sell it as i want it for a tow truck as the old F150 is gettting a bit expensive to tow with at $9.50 a gallon our money. .......diesel is quite a bit cheaper at about 5.40 per gallon.
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Definitely have seen worse fixed up. Most of the damage is bolt on parts, so that helps.

Kinda interesting your diesel is so much lower cost, here it is a bit higher than gasoline. Pulling power is pretty much no comparison though.
Well , getting further ahead with the truck now. I had to send it back to the chassis guy as it was still out on the diagonals and the left front wheel was not sitting right in the wheel arch... I actually spent 1/2 a day with the guy helping (being his gopher) to straighten it - i was so sure i'd buggered it when i was pumping up one of the air jack pullers as the whole truck resembled a banana at one point ...... man it's amazing how far you have to stretch things past the point where it needs to go :)

Adjusted the steering box but still need the rhs tie rod end and lower ball joint so i'm patiently waiting on delivery from Rockauto ... i'll replace upper and lower ball joints and i'll fit an adjustable caster/camber bush like i did to the lhs upper ball joint , I took the truck through to the inspection agents for them to have a look and see what else i needed to do and they now want the front windscreen replaced as well -fussy buggers :)

I even washed the old truck .... there is going to be plenty of paint and panel in my future lolIMG20211106143514.jpg


A glove box would be great 😁😁 unfortunately they used the delete option for it on these Brazilian RHD versions Doug.

I managed to snag the 3 seater split bench unit from the parts truck I got the doors and guard from so I'll fit them soon.

For a big cab there's bugger all room in the back seat.