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New member and Canadian serial number

Hi just picked up a 51 f3 for my latest project. The only info I'm having
trouble sourcing is Canadian serial number decoding. I can find one
site and the info there doesn't jive with my serial plate. Any help with
this would be greatly appreciated. I'm 80 percent sure that the truck is
all original but would like to figure out the number just to ease my
mind. Thanks


Flatheads Forever
Hi Ryan, welcome to FTF.

It's not too important to protect serial numbers on a public forum. They show up everyplace and I haven't heard of anyone losing a truck because they posted the number. Mine have been posted since 1999 and no harm has come from it.

That said, if you let us know the serial number you have, we can probably sort it out. Codes in Canada were very different from those in the US and I don't get much practice, but I do have some notes that should help. I'll dig them out.

edit: found my book. I'm guessing on your 51 F3 the serial number is something similar to DFA83AH51-12345 and as near as I can sort it out it looks like this:
DF is F3
A 83 is regular cab pickup
A is standard trim
H is Home Office (Ontario assembly plant)
51 is year
12345 is the actual serial string assigned
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The serial number is dfa83bhp-8055. The confusing part is the hp
where the year should be. Paint code says 37. I'm told it originally
was two tone red and black. Truck only has 35000 original miles.
It got parked because buddies dad blew a wheel bearing and did
Not want to fix. It's all complete except the tailgate is gone.
Hoping that my wrecker buddy has a f3 tailgate or I'm gonna
try make a f1 tailgate wider and taller. Thanks everyone on the site
it's been very informative.


Flatheads Forever
The "B" after the 83 is for deluxe trim

The H is Home Office - Ontario assembly plant

The "P" is for the year - 52 in this case

In 52 Canada Ford started using letters to designate year starting with P. 53 is Q, 54 is R, 55 is S, etc. etc

Check the valance above the grille - do you have a V8 (51) pinned there or the letters F O R D (52)? There are lots of variables, and a lot of title errors so anything is possible.

Canada did a lot of 2-tone trucks so red and black is normal. Tailgates are difficult to find - good luck. I'd watch ebay or the various truck forum want ads. That's why most of us have more than one truck - parts : )
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I was pretty sure it's a 51 has the V8 above the grill and the three
opening hood piece with the Ford in it. I will go take some more
pictures and post them. Thanks for all the help.


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Welcome to the forum, from another Canadian truck owner. (even if I do live in the states). Tim's info for your serial decode is right on the mark. There's all kinds of reasons why your trim may not match the serial code. Are you getting the numbers off the cowl tag, or from a title? Have you verified the frame vin stamp, and all your numbers match? You should find it located next to the steering box, above where the sector shaft passes through.
Off to the wrecker today on a parts hunt. today's shopping list. Tailgate, newer rearend, ignition with key, and some rims that are a little less dangerous but still 8 bolt. And a cigar lighter, the one piece missing from interior. Here's to hoping its a successful adventure. But if not its still a fun day at the wrecking yard.
Those stock 17" widow maker wheels should be replaced. Replacements are out there and will depend on whether you have the 14" drums supplied in early '51 or 12" supplied in late '51 and '52. The 14" drums won't accept standard 16" F-2/F-250 wheels, but the 12" drums will. If you have 14" drums you will want to find either a set of either the 17.5" or 19.5" tubeless wheels that were first optional in 1956. Same 8 lug x 6.5" pattern, same 1/2" or 9/16" offset. If you don't find any a friend of mine has a set of the 17.5s available. Stu
Thanks for tire info. I'm getting a rearend from a 68 f250.
Plan to use those rims on the truck. Everything else
on shopping list was no go. Just have to keep looking.
On the plus side may have found parts trucks. Now just
to convince the guy he needs my cash more then he needs
two old trucks.

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