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New here. 1976 highboy

Hello, I’m new here. Building a 76 highboy with my boys and a lot of help from my father. We bought the truck as a farm find in western Colorado. My father took it down to the frame and the truck has been “rebuilt”. It had a 400w that had already been rebuilt and from what we saw it looked to be. The trans is a c6 that I just converted to a b and m floor shifter because the column shifter had broken twice. As for the the column. I just put in a ididit tilt column and this is where the problem starts. It fits and functions great. The problem is with the wiring harness. It comes with a gm harness. I’ve tried looking at wiring diagrams and think I’d have better luck understanding hieroglyphics. Can anyone help with how to reconnect the ford wiring to the gm? I cut the wiring behind the ford plug so that connection stays there. I crimped the wires with the clips that slide into
The gm connection that came with the column. Does anyone know which wires match up to the gm wires?





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