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New England Chapter( and NY too)


Grabber Green Consultant
hey there. i was thinking about starting a New England chaper (also including NY too). i figure there isn't that many people up in this area of the US yet that are active like a few of us so i think a new england chapter would work out great to start things off. any comments or ideas about this?
i'm not opposed, but the 3 other NY'ers(i can think of at this second) are about as far west in NY as you can get. it would be tough for them getting to a NH, or MA, or CT GTG. They could use my house as a halfway point but that's still a ton of driving(at gas prices today).


New York Chapter Leader
i suppose i am one of the western NY er carl is talking about, but i say lets get this going. it would work i think. as the site grows it would give people closer contacts for help.
Mike, you, Melissa, and Rsalter were the 3 i was thinking of.
Welcome commie
Had to clean my porch off 5 times in order to get my storm door open. I'm waiting till later to snowblow. Sas is cooter deep while poopin'!
This part of the state is just about shut down.
Hope it's yellow ice Sean 'cause I'm pissing that way and the wind is blowing like a chick in a Clinton Oval Office

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