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Need a new engine

This is my first post here as I have just bought a 2002 e450 based class C motorhome. But I am off to have a very bad start, 500 miles from home, on our first trip, the engine died while driving at 65 on the highway. It did restart but stalled again later few more times. Managed to drive to a ford dealer, and have it towed the next day to a larger ford dealer that can actually handle motor homes. I am now in Mentor, Ohio and home is Bloomington, Illinois.
The diagnosis is the engine is ruined and I will need a new engine. The current estimated cost for a re manufactured engine and other parts and labor is $11k. The engine was damaged beyond repair by running a very high fuel pressure for yet to be determined reasons. There is no compression in two cylinders. I will find out more tomorrow about it.
At this point I am looking for advice on where to source parts either OEM or aftermarke and where to find a used or remanufactured engine. My plan is to getting alternative options to paying full price for parts at the dealer while still having them do the job. For my Volvo station wagon I buy parts at for about 30 to 40% off regular price.
Can someone recommends a similar place for Ford parts?
Where is a good source for parts diagram?
I plan to get the part numbers I will need tomorrow and will follow up on this thread.
I have been somewhat active on the Volvo forum and documented how I replaced the engine on my car and other significant updates and repairs. Most of what I learned was from other members of the forum. I am hopping to find similar help on this forum.
Doing the engine replacement myself is not an option here as I am stranded 500 miles from home and do not have access to a truck lift anyway.


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With OEM there's also that 2 year unlimited mileage warranty (parts and labor)


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My guess is to get it towed home to whatever the cost, then work out the details.
Being out of town makes your options very limited.
The Ford power plant is probably the way to go, like stated, the warranty alone is worth it.

There are other options of course, which you can explore once the engine is out, such as rebuilding individual components.

There are also other rebuilders besides ford, and there is also the used market.

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