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Nascar Truck


La Vergne, TN
fordman76367-thanks for the comments and I am planning on doing something under the hood in the future!!!

captain p4-actually the prototype of the truck had the exhaust coming out infront of the rear wheels, not sure why Ford didn't keep it. I know a few NASCAR truck owners have put there exhaust infront of the rear wheels.

My only problem I will have in the future is when I will need tires, because Goodyear doesn't make the tires I have in the size I have. They still make them for cars and there in white letter.

Maybe e-mail ford and good year about it and ask about the tires.
I have already got in contact with Goodyear and they said they don't make those tires anymore and then said that I can use the Goodyear Eagles GF2 that come in the size tire I use!!!


Arrogant A-hole At-Large
outside your house
Might sound cheesey, but I've known guys to paint tires. So are the tires you want still available in white wall? If so, paint letters. Maybe something you may want to check out Coker for too.
well thats lame. it just wont look the same without the yellow lettering. have you bought tires for that truck previously or no?

I agree its lame.....if you look whats on the race tires for NASCAR they say Goodyear Eagle in yellow, If I do get those Goodyear Eagle GT2(not GF2) and hopefully I could use a yellow paint on the Goodyear Eagle!!! I also should say they still make these tires BUT in white letter and only for 225 size tire.

I forgot about Coker also and I will check to see if they have anything!!!

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