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My poor truck

My poor truck left me stranded on the side of the road for the first time in 9 years of ownership.


Was almost late for work too. It came home on a roll back.


Cant say for sure whats happened. But first symptoms i noticed today was she started struggling to go up even small hills. Kicked down a gear to climb a small hill. I killed the cruise and took over the power to feel what was going on. Next hill it struggled even more. Losing speed the whole time. I checked mirrors for smoke. None. Pass sides temp gauge is spiking to 1200* driver side was at 600* and falling. Next thing i knew engine died completely and im coasting to the side of the road.

My only guess atm is somethings happened to the high pressure oil rail on the driverside. But wont know for sure till i can tear into it.


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Had that happen with my 6.9, caught it early enough I was able to hightail it to a parts store - filter plugged up. Changed it right there in the parking lot. I was cruising on the interstate and was lucky enough to know where I could get to a parts store and limped it in.
If its what i think it is i doubt it. If its popped the oil rail off then that means all the screw holes stripped outta the rocker box it bolts too.


Master Ford Tech
I’ve worked on 6.0’s since they came out never had a oil rail come out (suppose it’s possible if someone had been in the and left the bolts loose) did you happen to have any codes pulled?
tried to figure it out today... but was kinda a no go... thought the oil rail popped off but its still firmly on there... put it back together but changed the valve cover gasket again since i had a spare one... dunno for sure if that was the source of the leak but my only guess... oil in the pan was far enough down that it wasnt on the dipstick anymore... since i had the tube out i dipped the crank case directly and still seemed to have 4" of oil in the bottom... not sure what that equates to quart wise in there... oil has a greenish tint to it.. but not sure if thats just an in between clean and dirty state for this thing or not... never checked it between changes... always looked clean when i put it in and black when i took it out lol... looked greenish to me... not really milky either like it was getting water in it...gonna change the oil before i try to crank it over again since its so low.. but didnt have a new filter or enough oil to do a full change... dont really want to put fresh oil onto what looks like maybe contaminated oil... when i get that done ill see what happens when i put the computer on it...
I’ve worked on 6.0’s since they came out never had a oil rail come out (suppose it’s possible if someone had been in the and left the bolts loose) did you happen to have any codes pulled?

I was worried it was the case since i had to helicoil a couple of the threads last time it was out. But it was still in there firm. Specially when i had one side (from my pyro gauges) showing doing everything it could to keep running the other side went stone cold.

Havent pulled the codes yet. Thats my next thing to put the IDS on it. After i change the oil.
Any update on the truck

not much of one tbh... today was my first day off to play with the truck some... they had me scheduled to work 7 days straight...

5 gal oil.jpg

first thing to do was to find oil... took me forever to find some... and then it was only in a 5 gal bucket :waa: $106 after taxes...

cold gauges.jpg

still getting fuel was definitely cold this morning... thats the first time ive ever seen the EGT gauges read less than 32* Left bank. Turbo and right bank.. then the transmission temp... it still wouldnt crank even with the new oil in it.. when i peeked at the ipr its pegging at 84% so i know its trying.. and did get the low pressure guage to read so i know its doing its job... unfortunately i had to break out the computer...

computer diagnostics.jpg

computer diagnostics 2.jpg

im sure you recognize this program Dave....

trouble codes.jpg

only codes i could find in the truck...

cranking test.jpg

cyl #7 is only 1% lower on the cranking test than the others.. so doesnt sound like its a compression issue unless i break out the actual compression tester... by time i found the cranking test the batteries were starting to get weak.. have the charger on it now to bring them back up...

think the low contribution code from 4 is coming from 3... because when i ran the buzz test 3 is not cycling... so looks like i need to replace another injector... had 2 go before when i had the engine apart... and 3 was ticking then.. now its not.. so thats happened recently... when i had to replace the 2 before it was #4 & 8..

I always hear about stitchin (or how ever its spelled) is that what happens with that?? it wont tick when cold?? because when ive had the engine running the pass side never showed any signs of it missing a cylinder on that side...