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My latest project

Hello All,

Finished my 65 mustang and figured I needed something else to keep me busy. Bought a 72 F250 4x4 (I love vintage Fords). Discovered that 4x4 F250s from 59 to 72 are little hard to come by. Found this one on Craigs List. Running gear is in excellent shape. Drives like new. Body is rough and the whole truck needs quit a bit of love. Looks like it was some kind of purpose truck, it had no radio or cigar lighter. Looked like nothing had been touched on it, even the shocks looked original. Here is a few pics of her. I'll post more pics as it progresses.


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The Token Canadian
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Welcome to FTF!...nice looking truck!! that air cleaner might have the wrong size on it, as far as I know 390's didn't come factory in 4x4's.


The Token Canadian
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Looks like you have a good base to start with. Welcome, always good to have another of the old ones getting the attention they deserve.


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Very cool....Welcome. any chance we can see pics of the stang? :)

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Big Jim F150

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Welcome to the ol FTF! Nice truck but I prefer Dents myself, but it's good to see another old Ford being saved from the crusher, and being kept on the road. Whether it's Dents or Bumps whatever we're into we're all preserving a piece of history. Keep up the good work. Please post some pics of the Stang would like to see it.
Here is a couple of pics of My 65 Mustang. I'm real proud of it. I did most of the work myself in the garage. Friend of mine helped with the paint. Stock 289 with a Super Streeter Performance Automatic C4, Currie 8" 3.55 posi. Everything is new. No rust and the only bondo on it was to block sand it for paint.smilieFordlogo


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I'm thinking I want to put the truck back the way it was when new. Keep the original colors etc. May change the motor to a 390 add some tunes and a couple of other upgrades. Then use it for camping/hunting and for trips to the hardware store. It would be a crying shame to turn it into a trailer queen.


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Depending on how carried away you wanna get, quite a few guys build 410FE engines...

The 360 ain't anything to scoff at though, open them up to breathe and they come alive...