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My 83 vic!!

Since its was such a nice day I figured I would get my vic out of the garage for a few min it's been sitting all winter inside.
She looks really tidy and original :) :) YelloThumbUp
It's mostly original:) the paint is for sure but its faded really bad it was a non clear coat factory paint. It has dual exhaust with flowmasters. I added chrome valve covers and air cleaner. I did have a pioneer radio buts its in my wife's honda now I just set my mtx sub box back in the trunk. I have the original trans in the garage I plan on rebuilding it and putting it back in. The dash is cracked but the seats are all original. The headliner has been done once before. I have some plans for the car this year it all depends on how much I get back on taxes!
Yep it's the 5.0 it's the first year they put fuel injection on the Vic's. It has the EEC III system and the cfi throttle body the car has maybe 130,000 on it. The pictures hide how bad the paint is you can see the primer on the front finders in the sunlight. I believe I literally cleaned and waxed it so much I buffed the paint off of it. I will look and see if I can find my old pics I have if it when I use to show it. I plan on keeping its my first car. There is no rust on it at all the car is as clean underneath too!! Not bad for being outside for the past 8 years.


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outside your house
Love the pre-91 looking car for sure.
Thanks I have tried to keep it clean and in good shape!! I will eventually get it painted. I has little things like door lock moored that ate bad but I plan on fixing that this spring. Along with the dash. I am thinking on putting a set of coys wheels on it.
I was thinking about these...

Maybe 18s or 20s possibly with the fake knock off style caps. I am torn between flat black and gunmetal grey.
Got my taxes done so... Now begins the hunt for a 5.0 H.O. And a long list of other things that I need to get the car back up to a dependable some what daily driver again. I actually miss driving it!! the car road smooth handed good for a car it's size and was comfortable for long trips unlike my truck. Hopefully if I get everything soon it will be on the road late may it early June I'm taking my time on it and doing it right.


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^^^ thats cheating j/ youngsters should build at least one motor for experience....It still puts a smile on my face to this day to rebuild a engine,whether its stock or not and hear it fire off...Sure it takes time,getting the block machined ect heads preped,along with the similar amount of $$ compared to buying, but if you double and triple check your work it all works out...And you get the bragging rights...Dont need no fancy garage to do it either just a clean dry sheltered area with an engine stand.Dont be afraid of it..its not that difficult,pay attention to detail and were here to help.


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No it's not difficult but the main reason I bought a short block is I couldn't do it for as cheap as they did.. My short block was 825 after shipping.. Rebuild kit alone is 450 bucks for the engine parts i got in the build.. And they did it 100% right.. No cut corners..

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I would like a short block but I was not planning in spending that much for an engine my goal is to rebuild the original engine and put it back in later along with the original trans. I was looking at buying a good used engine for now that I could swap in with a little cleaning and dress up stuff. Tanks for the link If was planning in spending more I would have went with them. I'm sure that local salvage yards would have what I'm looking for I will start calling around soon.
Idk I guess it was the originality factor but that would be sort of pointless. I guess I'm weird like that. It would be cool to say that the original block and trans housing were still in the car but what I plan to do wont be original anyway. I think a little differently than most people I think it would be fun to run mustangs and camaros in a crown vic.
Found a 95 h.o. At a local yard on car parts I will call and see what get are asking for it today or tomorrow. It has 153k :( not to happy about that but I figure it dosent hurt to ask.


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theyre gonna want 8-900 i can almost put money on it.. they think 5.0 HO's are Gold. when in reality theyre just a different cam and flat top pistons with valve reliefs.. same heads, crappier intake, same crank etc..
Maybe I also have found several on car parts that are asking 400 to 450 for them but they are 60 or more miles away from where I live. If I can get it locally I would live it but I don't mind driving a little