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Lowered 82... build thread?

Found a super duty at the junk yard. About to have a really tight suspension when I snag the sway bar ��
Rear discs are done ish. Need to do the finally welding and paint the brackets. Chevy calipers, Ford rotors and I built my own brackets
Got an app to resize pictures. Hopefully they are still okay quality


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Yeah, super sharp for sure!

Do you have any issues with the front tires rubbing in sharp turn?

Rubs the plastic very slightly over bumps while turning. If its smooth it doesn't touch. They are a 255/35/20 which is 27" tall. Slightly taller and wider than the old tires
Aod is done rated for 500hp so it won’t work after I order the turbo. Will have to order the t56 sooner than I planned. Oh well, the 408w was quoted at 4800 shipped. Forged everything and rated for 1000+ picking up the aod this weekend and maybe do my down payment for the 408 at the beginning of November
These were the last pictures I took of it on 20s.

Tried to have a little fun and these tires decided to wheel hop instead of just break free. Ended up snapping a caliper off. Had no idea until we hit a decent speed and went to slow down. Pedal went to the floor. Caliper got lodged between the axle, spring and wheel.... wheel needs to go to a shop.

Had to redo the rear hard line 3 to 4 times since the rear disc swap because the cheap ass line from oreillys is garbage.


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I've never heard of a caliper breaking off like that before although I'm sure it has happened to others as well.

What's going on with the metal brake line from O'Reilly, rust?
I've never heard of a caliper breaking off like that before although I'm sure it has happened to others as well.

What's going on with the metal brake line from O'Reilly, rust?

Just the cheap nickel copper stuff. I've never had good luck with them. Had two different lines both broke in different spots. Bought a n actual steel line from napa
Power steering has been iffy for as long as I've had the truck. It stopped leaking but has always made noise. Worse when it's cold. Shaft had play. So I rebuilt it finally in hoes of saving it before it craps out. That way I don't have to buy a garbage reman pump or spend like 300+ on a motorcraft.


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Well the clunk it had was gone. It has the usual whine to it still. It at least doesn't sound like it's about to seize. Going to put some conditioner in it and bleed it once more and see if it will quiet down
Screwing around with some wheels I got. They're more of an "off road" looking wheel. That should be on a lifted truck but I don't think they look too bad so they may become my race wheels


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First time I've ever bought snow tires for anything. Ran my summer tires all last year and up until thursday night this year.

Found some to fit my new wheels so they went on now.


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