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Lower a '50 f-2


Flatheads Forever
I was waiting for someone else to jump in and forgot to come back - some guys have removed every other spring leaf. I can't say how much it drops the truck or if it even softens the ride.

There isn't a lot of space between the axles and the frame 'bumpers'.
I lowered mine by removing every other leaf from the rear spring then I removed the rivets that hold the rear spring back hanger and flipped it over. I then put a 4 degree shim under the pad to spring area to correct the pinion angle I also installed a set of posie front springs and now the truck has a full 3 inch drop all around. Looks real good but it needs anti roll / sway bars as the springs are somewhat softer and the truck has a slight roll when cornering hard otherwise rides great. I am looking for sway bars now and can post the results if and when I find them

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