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LED Lights in AC Vents!


Love My Ford Truck
Ok maybe I'm the only one who digs this, but I installed blue LED light strips in my 2008 F250 Ac vents in the center panel. The panel pulls right off after removing just two bolts and the AC vents pop out the back of the panel easily and come apart so you can get into them. run the wire through the honeycomb plastic in back of the vent and run it down through any obvious gap into the driver footwell. Tap into the purple wire in the driver side channel in the floor and ground the ground wire to a section of bare unpainted metal under the seat and the lights go on when you open the door. Awesome. I put white LED strips in the footwells which also come on with the door or the fob and pulled out the dome bulb cuz i hate it. Nice calm lighting and super cool! Here's a pic. Next week I'm going to add green underbody LEDs that glow on the ground also when the door unlocks or opens or when i take the key out of the ignition, all from the same purple wire under the plastic door sill cover (it just pulls up).


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