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how well do you stick to changing oil after 3 months

how often do you change your oil

  • 3,000 miles, i drive often/far (5k if that's how you roll)

    Votes: 21 61.8%
  • 3 months, on the dot

    Votes: 4 11.8%
  • i just keep adding oil b/c it leaks so bad

    Votes: 2 5.9%
  • 3+ months, when i get around to it

    Votes: 7 20.6%

  • Total voters
IMHO there's no replacement for a good v8. Unless it's a bigger better v8...

or a v10...

Unless its the 300 vs. 302 argument, or the Cummins vs. Powerstroke/Duramax argument. I would choose the 6 any day...
yeah, but not just because it's a six. If the PS or Duramax was as good, I'd take them instead.

And a 302 could whip a 300 any day.

No it cant. It had similar power, and way less torque....
I change every 5000 on the Milan and Mountaineer. ON the truck I usually change about 2500 miles [0 months]. I am interested as to opinions of going 1 year [5000] miles. My truck only gets started periodicaly between October and March, maybe use 1 tank of diesel in that 6 month period.


Fire in the hole...
The onboard compy in my Mounty is set from the factory to calculate for 7000 mile oil changes. That's longer than I have ever gone, but I use synthetic, and am gonna go with that.


Boom Shaka Laka
Dallas, TX
I change mine every 3 months, which is 1500-2K miles give or take.

I do a mix of hard (less than 3 miles) city driving with the occasional hundred-mile trek to Dallas.

Mobil-1 5W30 year-round.

And while we're on it, I change the oil in the plane every 40 hours (recommended is 50 hours). It typically gets 3-4 hour trips once a week or so. Was using Aeroshell W100 but just switched to Aeroshell 15W50 the last change 'cause the pressure was gettin' high on cold starts this winter.


Virginia Chapter member
Norlina NC
I have a question...what's up with the whole time frame '3 month' thing? Is that basically a rule of thumb that correlates with 3000 most folks travel 3k in 3 months? Or are there people out there that change at 3 months regardless if they traveled 1500 miles or 8000 miles? I have never heard of someone changing their oil based on a monthly clock.

when i took automotive in hs for career choice they explained why to do it 3k/3 months.. it has to do with the reason that your oil system isnt perfectly sealed from the environment.. so air & water can sneak into your pans.. water sneaks in via condensation... while the waters mixing with you oil it lowers its ability to lubricate your engines parts properly.. so in effect your oils aging.. when its still in the bottles theyre considered perfectly sealed and can last alot longer than it does sitting in your engine..

now depending on who you ask some say synthetics can put up a fight a little longer than the dino-oils could.. but for me personally id rather not take the risk in it... but to answer your question thats where the 3k/3month rule came from... it had to due with the water/condensation getting into the oil and lowering the ability to function right...

keep in mind too theres another side to it as well... they also say if you run your engine daily and up to "temp" itll keep the water from bonding greatly with the oil... so it can "allow" you to run longer than 3 months on the oil... but again that depends who you ask and talk to or want to believe on that... personally to me the second the engine cools and everything settles again the condensation returns...

so as i said it depends who all you want to believe on what its all about.. thats just what they taught us when i took automotive in hs as to why that was around...


Virginia Chapter member
Norlina NC
as to the original question of the thread.. 3K/3 months in both my vehicles... my stangs book said every 8K which i feels a typo.. but i still do it every 3K/3months.. granted ive slacked a bit lately cuz i havent been driving it much so its way older than 3 months now.. but its just under 3K again so im not going to worry about it.. but when i do the oil changes on it - its still pretty transparent when its draining so that makes me happy its still running clean like a good engine should... stang gets 5w20...

now my truck 3K regardless.. 3qt pan and an engine that runs hot all the time... it burns that oil.. and i dont mean burning as having to add cuz it burns it/leaks.. (does leak a bit but so long as im not parked nose downhill i dont leak anything)... but when i drain the oil for changes the oil comes out as black as can be.. just because that engine cooks the oil.. winters i can run 10w40 cuz the cold keeps the engine cool.. summers i have to run 20w50...


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This is an old thread, but love to hear peoples ideas on this subject. I have synthetic oil in my show rig and change it every spring with new filters. I also have a dual filtration system on it and only drive a couple thousand miles a year.

My POS plow chevy truck, I only change once a year before the winter season arrives to change the filter. Since it burns quite a bit of oil throughout the winter and I only plow with it and put 500 miles on it a year or so, I just keep adding to it.

Our other daily drivers we religiously change every 3000, or 3 months.
I change the wifes Mustang GT and the Expedition every 3,000 miles using the prescribed weights of Motorcraft Synthetic Blend oil. I change my F250's PSD every 5,000 miles using Shell Rotella 5w40 full synthetic.

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