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how to remove the doors

... so I want to remove my doors.. I Want to take them into town .. for some repairs to the regulators & Vent glasses .. The glass shop is just too cheap on this repair. SO I figured I need to get them to town fast before he changed his mind..
I went to drive that little pen out of the heinge .. No Luck. I don't want to remove the complete heinge ... Because my doors sure do shut really good. .
Do they make a pen pusher that can be used. I too a drift punch & Tried to knock on them from the underside.
I didn't want to put Penetrating oil on them, due to if I want to paint the doors..I'll never get the oil off . So the paint want Orange Peel & Fish EYES...
WILL A Muffler Gun drive thosepens up & out.
MAN I've been on you-tube for about 4 ours it seems.. I was looking for how to remove the doors from my 1951 ..Then I checked the Hinges .. not much there . Then I was really want to know about removing just the Center pin. I finally found one .. It basically said don't try. SO THEN i GOT TO LOOKING FOR REMOVE THE FRONT CLIP & FRONT FENDERS . Remove the grill .. i WANT TO PULL THE FRONT GRILL Out & paint it . i'M GOING TO PAINT JUST THE GRILL & leave the other paint & make it just the old patina.
But sure not having much luck at finding you tube videos.
Ok before I undertake removing my doors. I'll ask . I didn't want to spray penetrating oil due to, causing problems if I change my mine & decide to paint this truck.
I sold DuPont for 30 years SO I know the problems that oil & paint causes.
....... SO I KNOW It's just remove the 3 screws in each hinge ..
Ok would you take a small torch & Heat each screw for a minute .. & Then take a new screwdriver to them. Or, I bought a new Hand Held hand impact driver. The kind you hit with a dead BLOW HAMMER..
If I can I want these screws to come out 1st time ..
Thanks .

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