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How to: Bug Removal *READ THIS!


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Cumming, GA
One of the biggest things I see from my customers is horribly beat up front bumpers. The paint on your ride is incredibly sensitive (more so on modern vehicles) and requires many precautions during maintenance.

Properly removing bugs and their accompanied parts and guts from your ride the right way is super easy. Removing them as soon as possible is the smartest move you can make - the acids from their innards break away your clear coat.

Here's what you'll need:

- All Purpose Cleaner (AKA APC, for short). I suggest and exclusively carry Meguiar's D101. APC has many uses - cleaning interiors, carpet, leather, bug removal, and much more. It is dilutable on many levels, water based, and much safer than solvent-based cleaners.

Link for two gallons plus marked dilution ratio spray bottle:

- Regular washing accessories
- Wash soap
- Wash mitt
- Bucket (x2)
- Drying towel

Here's a link to a good wash starter kit:

All of the items listed above need to be in your garage, regardless of vehicle owned. Plain and simple.

Removing bugs: This is stupid simple, but you CAN mess it up! Start by parking your ride in a cool area away from direct sunlight. Rinse it entirely with a sharp stream of water, taking extra time on the bugged areas (doing this now means less big chunks when your wash mitt comes into contact with the paint).

Paint is now rinsed, reward yourself by moving onto the next step! Using the APC diluted at 10:1 (that's 10 parts water to 1 part chemical - buying the bottle in the link above will have this marked on it, easy peasy) is straightforward. Spray it liberally onto the bug areas keeping an even spray.

You've now successfully presoaked your bugs. Wash the rest of your vehicle from top to bottom while avoiding the presoaked areas (DO keep an eye on them - the areas sprayed need to remain wet - NEVER LET THE CHEMICAL DRY!!!). After washing the non-sprayed areas, continue onto the treated areas with your wash mitt. The APC has now dissolved the bugs - they come with off with your wash mitt! (It's that easy)

To show what it looks like, I treated the bugs on my grandmother's Edge. You can see that after a few minutes of soaking, the bugs literally dissolve.



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Nice. ...thanks!


FTF's #1 Knob Polisher
Cumming, GA
Not a problem guys. This is how the pro's do it, and it's so simple that I believe ya'll should know!

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