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How not to replace you wheel bearing.


Staff member
That makes things a little more interesting... and expensive.
Maybe was on a trail when it happened and "had to get it home" somehow.


Master Ford Tech
Maybe was on a trail when it happened and "had to get it home" somehow.
Definitely not. Someone had been working on this previous to me getting it. Had new lower control arms that the bolts were left loose. If you can imagine the vibration driving down the road.
It's absolutely amazing what you get coming through the workshop here sometimes ....... even scarier is the thought that you only have a 100mm wide painted stripe on the road separating you from a 200km/hr head on smash if someones dodgy repair comes apart.

You wouldn't believe the amount of people running around on tyres with the steel belts hanging out etc. Even though we have pretty strict safety standard with regular inspections there are a lot of cars on the road with no wof (warrant of fitness) or registration - if you get caught without either its a $200.00 fine for each but demerit points only apply if you have no registration ...... there are growing number of people who don't care and if they lose that car they'll just go buy another junker and run that.
Lol i can believe the tire part there. "Theres still plenty of tread on the rest of the tire. I dont need them. Dont try to sell me new tires. These are still good"