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How can I tell if coolant in my oil is coming from my water pump or a head gasket?

I own a 1973 Ford F100 with a 360 engine and automatic transmission. About two months ago I had my truck overheat because of a plugged up radiator. I replaced it with a new one and it has been running fine until recently. Now, I have found coolant in my oil. I changed out the water pump about a year ago but that was before I overheated the truck. I have been checking to see if there is any smoke coming from my exhaust ever since then, but I don't see any. I also don't see any coolant on my engine. If I have coolant in my engine, how do I get rid of it?


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The water pump won't get coolant into the oil. Head gasket or intake gasket would be the locations it can get through. A compression test will be the first check for head gasket, along with plug inspection. Otherwise a cooling system pressure test while running can also help indicate compression leakage.
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