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Hi all


just growing older not up
Boring, Oregon
Welcome to FTF!
Thanks guys...Here is the truck I just got its a 2004 fx4 5.4 3v with 148,000 miles on it and very clean very well taking care of...ended up getting this 2004 for 5,000...

I had this 2001 f150 lariat with 138,000 miles on I used for trade in guy allowed me 5,500 and the 2004 he had on lot he was asking 10,500

Very nice looking truck - welcome to FTF
Thanks for the welcome..I really like this truck...very clean truck for the year guy took really good care of it done regular service etc on it...Guy ordered it way he wanted it etc...he got it from dealer it had 5 miles on it and know it has 148,000