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HELLO I'm Pa Pitt

SO MY GOODNESS this site has been hard to get onto. SORRY ABOUT STARTING off with a NEGATIVE.
But I'm on now . I expect most of my post will be in the section for 1950ish ford trucks, But I sure do have several more Ford Items .
...... I;m a Old 72+ year old farmer. Hence why I like diesel motors. So please don't scald me too badly.
I have a 1972 Bronco halfcab & It been completed for about 10 to 15 years It has a 4BT Cummins in it . & I have a 1980 Currently not running but I have a 1995 300 cid EFI Motor I want to put into it .
& I have an 86 motorhome 460cid & C6 in want to pull & use in some project.
& I have a 1951 F3 TRUCK Flatbed .. I'm really planning on putting this body & front fenders over onto a 1989 Dodge D250 & of course it too is a diesel 6BT . I WAS A Chrysler service tech ADVISOR for 11 years . So I've had lots of time around those truck . & One of my big tractors had that same Cummins motor in it .
& I have a FORD JUBILEE & a FORD 800 tractors ...
Ok I'm bout to take my wife for a country drive . We had some really big nasty fires about 2 weeks ago . So we're going to go see where it came close to where she grew up ...
By the way ... ''We're BOTH RETIRED''
''After all we're retired '' is about our catchphrase.!
thanks .
Welcome to the site!! Im going to guess from your user name your from Pittsburgh??

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