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Hanging the Driver's Door 2016 F-250 XLT, Super Cab

I backed into a wooden post with the Driver's door open. Bent the post over but also bent the door. Got a replacement from the junkyard. Removed all the guts and hung it. The outside forward edge of the new door is over the fender so the door will not close. There should be about a 1/4" gap between the fender and door so when the door opens it slides under and behind the fender. So I could not find a video on replacing an F250 door, 2011 - 2016. Mine is a 2016 and the replacement door is 2011. The Ford dealer says they have the same part number. I tried losening the hinges on the door post but only the top hinge slide back. Does the fender have to come off to mount the new door? I could see no damage to the door post so I believe it has not been bent. Maybe not. I took the top hinge off the donor truck and put it on mine. No change. The bottom hinge I could not bring from the donor truck. One of the 3 nuts holding it to the post is actually a bolt pressed into the door frame post. No idea what is involved to remove it. In the morning I am going to remove the fender and door and see if the door hangs correctly. Any help greatly appreciated.