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Halo Projector Headlight Install!


Love My Ford Truck
Just finished installing these awesome headlights I bought off Ebay for $200. These are the ones with the black background because I thought they would look good with my black truck and I am super happy with them! Easy install, mostly plug n play, a little wiring to connect LEDs to parking light wire at headlight (easy) and here they are. They appear to be level and true. Old headlights came out with the hood up and four bolts each removed, super easy, no grill removal. The halos are on with parking lights and stay on with headlamps. Lights and highbeams are super bright and street legal. These headlight units are made for the 2008 to 2010 super duty. I recommend them!


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Redneck Prognosticator
Belton, MO
You know... That looks pretty good. It's not something I would have wanted to do, but having seen your upgrade I'd consider it.


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