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Greetings from Toronto!

Hey guys,

Just wanted to introduce myself and say how awesome this forum is. I've been reading for a while now and decided to finally purchase my own truck.

I recently (just last week) purchased a 1949 Ford F1. Its definitely going to be a work in progress, but right now it runs great, just extremely bumpy.
I've attached some pics! looking forward to chatting with you guys more. I really dont know much about these trucks, but I'm eager to learn more.

my first question: I might have to store this outdoors for the winter. Can anyone recommend a good quality car cover?



  • photo 1.JPG
  • $(KGrHqF,!mEFJtZ5TEC9BSdsmEeWMQ~~48_20.JPG
  • photo 4.JPG
  • $(KGrHqR,!qIFJcoCOK-4BSdsmYfkw!~~48_20.JPG
  • IMG-20121105-00093 (1).jpg


Flatheads Forever
Welcome and congratulations Derrick - you should be able to find about anything you need here. You have a great looking truck with that old-time theme going there.

Car covers are available from many suppliers of old truck parts. I don't have a cover for my 48. It just sits out in the snow until I fire it up next time. (for 10 years it was a daily driver - now is waiting for me to finish an engine swap)

Interesting shock mount there - do you need a picture of the stock mount? What you have should work similar to oem. The springs are stiff, the seats are springy and the ride is bumpy by nature. I can't tell what your tires are from the picture, but they may contribute to your situation.

Enjoy and ask any questions you may have. Lots of experience around here.
Hi Mflat, thanks! I think i'm ok for now. The first thing I will do is make sure all the mechanical parts are working properly and well maintained. I think I will start by rebuilding/cleaning out the carb. Youtube has lots of videos for this.

It snows quite a bit in Toronto and i'm just concerned it will rust even more that it already has. Hopefully I can find a car cover in time.

Thanks for the welcome guys.


The Token Canadian
Staff member
Welcome to FTF from another Canuck!
Welcome to the forum, Derrick. That does look like a fun project you've found. Real solid. It looks like it's spent many years in the weather without too much harm. But as for rust, just remember it's taken 60 years for it to progress to the point it is. There's nothing that will make it any worse between now and spring if it sits out one more year. Having a cover can do as much harm as not, if it holds moisture in. Save your $150 and put it toward something more productive. That's my 2c.
Welcome from “resume speed” British Columbia to the center of the known universe,……sorry about your football team! :rolling laugh:

Rust, what’s a little rust, bring it on, helps with the patina / farm truck look. (anybody can paint a truck). :wasntme:

A breathable cover would be OK, if your going to use it after new paint :)puke: ) it will scratch the paint, so just buy a cheapie Canadian tire for now.


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