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Grandpa's Truck

Started cleaning up the engine bay and tackled the rusted out battery tray. As a fix someone in the past welded a steel plate in the tray. Problem with that is you can't get to the two bolts under it. Had to grind off the welds to remove it.
One of the bolt holes was gone from rust so I welded in a patch plate and installed two blind nuts

I painted that plate with POR 15 and reused it minus the welding part :sneaky:

Started cleaning the interior and what I thought was scratched paint was just gunk, you can see where I stopped about midway on the glove box.


Started cleaning the floor mat, I couldn't rinse it well at this time so some of the dirt just stayed. It will take a few cleanings but you can see how much better it looks and after 50 years is still functional.


Staff member
Grandpa had good taste and foresight, A/C! also a bonus. Never understood the confusion with the 351W as well as the 351C. Both small blocks. Rewarding to get it together.
351C and 351M are fairly close in build other than bell housing, 351W is considerably physically smaller, closer to 302 in size and a few parts will trade with the 302.


Staff member
For the most part, none. They don't look the same either. 360, 390, and 428 externally look the same.

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