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Got Bored did some Math..


Virginia Chapter member
Norlina NC
got a little board and decided to go back through my log book to see the different fuel additives ive run so far in the truck and what the mpg i been getting...

Lucas Fuel Stabilizer w/ injector cleaner (keep in mind when i was running this one i was running 3 injectors down and didnt know it at the time.. so i was essentially running a 5 cyl diesel)
16.5-22.2mpg highway
12.8-13.2mpg city
14.4-15.1 combined
15.7 aver of 16 tank spread

ill have to run that one again sometime to see what it does now on all 8 cyls..

PS - Diesel Kleen (both gray and white bottles had the same result)
12.5-13.2 highway
9.1-11.2 city
11.8-12.2 combined
11.6 ave over 16 tank period

Ford Summer performance improver (pretty consistent for me)
15.8-16.5 highway
13.5-14.2 city
14.8-15.1 combined
14.983-infinity ave of the 16 tank sample

Ford Winter performance improver (i do tend to remote start before starting off when cold so im sure this played a factor in there too..)
14.8-15.3 hwy
14.1 ave for the combined (they sat between 14.1-14.3 for most of the sets)
13.93-infinity 16 tank sample

Optilube Winter
14.6-16.5 highway
10.7-12.4 city
13.5 combined
14.8 ave total 16 tank sampling (ironically same number of tanks i got to the gallon of the additive)

Optilube summer
Hwy was pretty much the same
12.9-13.5 City
14.3 combined
14.36~ Ave 16 tank sample

Optilube summer w/ Howes lubricator w/ antigel
14.4-16.1 highway (I did more highway driving than city with this one)
11.2-12.1 city
14.6-13.8 combined
14.6 ave total 16 tank sampling

Howes lubricator
15.2-16.4 highway
11.2-12.5 city ( i did more city driving than highway in this sampling)
13-14 mpg combined
12.7 average on total 16 tank sampling

so thats what ive gotten so far of the ones ive tried.. is pretty interesting results..

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