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Got a new work van


Oilfield Trash
Well I went and picked up my work van that My father in law bought. It is a 95 E350 with a 28' telsta bucket lift on it. It is a 95 E350 with a 351w 140,600 miles. The van is in great shape. No rust. Engine runs great. I crawled all under it no oil leaks. I drove it 270 miles from where we bought it in Mississippi to Tennessee. It needs tires. they are worn and out of balance. The only issue that i had with it is when I would get on the brakes hard and stop the check engine light would come on. once i started going again the light would go off. Really no big deal. We have to do some work on the lift Sunday so it will operate from the bucket. I beleive we will need to add a relay.

Not bad for $4300. And now I get to keep my 88 F150.


Oilfield Trash
That is my guess also.

One more question. How in the world do yo work on these things? I thought my 6.0 was bad.


Texas Chapter Leader
Take it to a shop...
I have never worked on an econoline...
Glad i haven't had to either...
Seen the engine bay.. But i know some vans have a "dog house" the trans tunnel comes out so you can get to the back half of the engine...


Post Whores Make Me Sick
Yeah they're good and bad. Bad cuz the engine is almost inaccessible from the front. But good cuz you can usually access the BACK of the engine from the cab!! Sure wish I could do that in my truck :p


Redneck Prognosticator
Belton, MO
I've used the Doghouse in an Aerostar. It's odd doing spark plugs when your face is smashed on the radio.



Staff member
A '72 Dodge camper we had when I was a kid had that doghouse. It was good because people didn't know you were working on the engine in the gas station parking lot. You could stay inside :rofl2:


Oilfield Trash
I will be working on the boom tomorrow. I got instructionsfrom telsta on what to do. It looks like I need to install a relay.

I need to change the plugs. Not looking forward to that.