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Gear selection indicator light access?


Defector Fidèle
I want to replace the gear selection indicator light located in the steering column. I assume it is accessed by removing the steering wheel and the turn signal switch. But I hate to assume for obvious reasons...

Before I tear into there, I hoped someone (Cough, Dennis) would be able to correct me if I am wrong.

Automatic; 4x2; no tilt; 78 F150.
On 78's you have to reach up under the steering column cowl a with needle-nose pliers and pull the bulb socket.


We will Rise Again
I would like to know the same thing. I plan on upgrading that light to an LED if it's made.

Blue/red wire

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Defector Fidèle
Thank you, Dennis, you truly are still da man. You've saved me from myself and a lot of unnecessary work. I appreciate you.

I'm going after that bulb tomorrow so I will let you know exactly what socket it is. I too am replacing my lamps with LEDs plus a full instrument cluster restoration.


Defector Fidèle
I got it out.
The bulb I removed from my truck steering column is a 194.

I see now why it is - because of the limited space. There is no room to turn the BA9S type base of a 1445.
Actually 1978 was different for F-series

Bulb # 161.





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The listing includes F-C-L series trucks

1977 - 1445

1978 - 1445 for C-L series (I presume)
161 for F-series


Defector Fidèle
I would sure hate to have to remove and replace a 1445 if the space on the other models is as limited as my 78. One would need some very narrow needle-nose pliers, flexibility in the lower back and lots of patients to twist the 1/8 turn.

My wedge type 161 came out fairly easily after a few tugs straight out.
No twist..or shouldn't be ....It is a friction fit bulb socket.

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