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Fuel Quality and/or Proper Labeling???


Kansas Chapter member
Quick question.....

By law (federal or state) does a gas station have to lable their diesel pump if their diesel fuel is bio-diesel or a blend (any percentage)? I know that there is no requirement to post the cetane level as they do for octane on gas pumps, but what about if the fuel one is pumping contains any percentage of bio-diesel?

On first pass, I would think this is a violation of some FTC or "labeling act", but that is just a guess? I ask becuase I am running only 100% diesel fuel (no bio) as far as I know, but a friend claims that truck-stops and gass stations can pump bio-diesel without labeling the pump or can do so up to 5% (B5)?

Can anyone confirm the "truth" behind my question and not just one's opinion or what they think.

Personally, I should be getting 100 diesel if the pump is not otherwise labled as such... and if ANY percentage or bio is blended with the diesel the pump MUST be marked accordingly.

I ask because a friend who runs the county ambulance department states that due to low quality fuel and/or bio-diesel being pumped (without knowledge) that they have contributed this to many, if not all, of their injector, EGR valves and injector problems in their E350 (6.0LPSD) ambulances.

BTW, they use Ford's fuel additives... so maybe they should use Powerservice like me??????
I know I see alot of ambulances idleing....smilieeatndrink
I argee with you Beach the pump should be label. I want to know what fuel is going in my truck. As for a law on labeling I be guessing, But state like there tax money. so that my .02


FTFS Designated DRINKER!
I know here in Texas there is (use to be) a sticker that said what was in the fuels I have to get gas tonight and i'll snap a pick of it..


Oilfield Trash
I haven't seen any lables at the truck stops or gas stations on the diesel pumps. Most gas pumps arond here states that the gasoline may contain methanol. There are a few places around me where I can get bio. I have never run it.


Kansas Chapter member