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Fuel delivery problems

got the 390 built and running sweet as long as I'm dumping gas down the carb or repeatedly filling the float bowl, I don't know what the hell the problem is it has a brand new fuel pump and I drained the tanks but the damn thing still isn't getting any fuel through the lines. is there an in tank pump? any body know what I'm missing? responses ASAP would be very very helpful.


Staff member
Need to verify a few things. One, be sure the fuel line between the tank and pump is not blocked. The other is that you need to verify that the line doesn't have any pinholes or leaks. If you have a pinhole leak, it won't be able to pull a vacuum on it, and no fuel will come through. Rubber hoses are a good source of trouble. Also, if the thing sat for a while, could be a problem with the sump in the tank. There is not an in tank pump until more into the fuel injection years.


The Token Canadian
Staff member
Pull the line off the carb from the fuel pump, crank the engine and verify delivery

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