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front sway/anti roll bar for f1

I have a 52 f1 that I have built from the ground up with every thing new in the under frame. It has poesy front and rear springs, new gas shocks and radial tires. the ride is great going straight but has to much roll in the turns I want to install anti roll /sway bars to the front and rear . I have looked for info for this idea and came up with none so far ..QUESTION. Has anyone hear done this addition to there f1. I don't wish to convert to a modern IFS as I want to keep the OG of my f1 as close as possible to stock look. I have done a search on every forum I think could help with this and come up empty. HELP PLEASE......Thanks


Flatheads Forever
I didn't do it on my F1, but a old-style panhard bar on the rear should be pretty straight forward. Similarly a more modern anti-roll bar should also work on the stock axle configuration. The front should also be possible even tho it is a solid axle. My Dodge 4x4 has an anti-roll bars front and back on the straight axles. I'd start with local chassis shops and 4x4 shops and see where it takes you.

The other thing to consider is tires - if you're running low profile or low pressure car tires to soften your ride, you will get a ton of body sway.
A stiff walled LT radial with 50+ psi will eliminate much of your sway, but it results in a truck-like ride - which is what these things are.

I run LT215/85/16 Avon radials in either 8 or 10 ply rating - they look and act like the old bias-ply tires but track like radials. In my opinion they are perfect for a truck. Just my 2 cents - your mileage may vary.

btw, the stock seat does an amazing job of absorbing the bumps from the pavement...
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I have 45 psi in front and 35 psi in rear so its not rolling over as much on the tire. Mostly due to the softer springs... The stiffer gas shocks helped some but I still want less rollover on the chassis
I have found a rear sway bar kit from Chassis Engineering for the f1. also got some info on a sway bar that fits the 39 checy front and with straight axel. I'll have to measure to see if that one might work
The front sway bar from a late 90s or a little later Jeep Cherokee or Grand Cherokee might be about the right width.
You know I was thinking that something along that line would be very close to what I need and from u pick it the price wound be way cheaper than from a vender thanks 49fordv8f4.


Flatheads Forever
I had a thought - when you did the rebuild, did you replace the six cab mount bushings?

Even with everything new, these trucks do roll a bit by nature. Not bad but a lot more than new trucks.
mtflat, yes I replaced everything new... spring eye bushings new kingpins and bushings new wheel bearings, lug nuts brakes, drums, wheel cyl,ect this truck is brand new... nothing was left undone


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