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Found a 1999 F350 dually 2wd 7.3

I found a 1999 F350 Dooley 7.3 motor crew cab that isn’t in the worst shape but not the best shape. 280,000 miles which doesn’t concern me.

I’m looking for this as a tow vehicle for my trailer and car because I currently have my 92 F250 with 3.55 gears and I’m not sure if it’s up to the task of hauling my trailer through the mountains.

This truck that I found, seems to be stock motor it’s a manual transmission which I actually prefer and I drove it for about 10 minutes and it drove fine. Engine is fine, tranny shifts smooth through all gears; it’s just the cosmetic suck. Interior would have to be redone, cruise cruise control fixed , AC fixed, and some bodywork, needs tires

I can buy it for 10 9+ plus plus. Before I get too serious I would do a Carfax try to contact the previous owner etc.

Thoughts on this truck and what I should be looking for.


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